by Jazz Casual

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released 21 February 2014



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Jazz Casual Brooklyn, New York

Jazz Casual is the only way to defeat the void. Jazz Casual is the new flesh. Formerly going under the alias of Mount Moon, Wesley Bryon is now the man behind the robots in the new album Tetragammaton. Tall-tales of romance, spiritual ascension and the inevitable fall await. ... more

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Track Name: Hagiophobia
I've been making the same moves and getting the same results.
Don't know what else to do, now my heart's so full
Of one and only thing.
It's a Job story, but it's giving me a job to do.
It's an old story, but at least we know it's tried and true.
Track Name: scottsummers
The notion never crossed my mind
An ocean, being left behind
I guess I always thought the idea of you and I
Was something I could
Sink my teeth in for a while
I couldn't be more wrong
Now I'm wondering how a dream can be so real
I'm left stumbling bout with bad luck at my heels
The birds start their big talk again
"The long sleep is done, time to go and find some action
if you can" I guess I better do the same
It's not much warmer where you're going my doll
I don't know what you hope to find there
You gotta do it for yourself.
Track Name: I'll Be Cold
This is gonna be the last time
You give it up to me and I make love
to something I need in you
You're barely there
And I'm still climbing up them stairs
You're barely there
And I'm still chasing you through the years
We'll move on and get past this
We'll get cold, we'll grow old
And we'll stop giving a shit.
Track Name: Sein
You got a way with words
You sure cut to the quick
But you can't talk your way out of this one
No, it was all written before we begun
This house was built on sin
That's what we're living in
I wouldn't trade it for the world my darling.
You ran away with your words
I'm sure you had your fun
But you know you can't walk away from this one
No, it was all written before we begun
We'll never get around to working it out
Just keep living this lie and spreading this virus around
'Til we forget what it felt like
To live life beyond these walls
This house is filled with sin
That's what we're breathing in
I wouldn't have it any other way my darling
I just can't stop eating
Hide me from everything
I feel like I need to be put away for something
Great, one day, not today
I'm afraid, one day, but not today
Track Name: Stay Real
Head's been buzzing like a bee beating 'round your bush
I don't need nothing no more I wouldn't leave here if I could
All summer long you've been growing away
I need your honey running down my legs
I'm a miser of your love, can't take my eyes off
You couldn't pay me enough to look away
We thought we knew love, we thought we knew it all
We never knew enough
I tried to save your soul, I've come so far
I couldn't save my own
Darling please stay
Honey please stay
My sweetness please stay
My weakness please stay
Track Name: Max Repel
There were things you shared with me in your stares
There were things I shared with you
When I was barely making it through
Those long nights in one piece
I misplaced bits of me in your room
I'll return your things
But don't say you're gonna miss me if its not true
If this ain't gonna be forever
Gotta make it something thats gonna hurt
You've got me running off again
I wanted you to chase me and help me find my head
I want whatever this is
To hurt you too.
Track Name: Wrestling
I watched you burn away
You say my name with more contempt with everyday
You see the problem is
You would rather walk away and
I would rather stay and die with you
I can see it in your face
You've all ran out
You're barely anything
I'd fill you up somehow
No, I don't need nobody no more
Lord, don't make me need my body no more
Track Name: Niagra_Superior
We've been laying here for far too long
These doldrums they wore out our hearts and our tongues
My limbs barely have the strength to hold you down
They're weary of this town
I will leave you sleeping sound
I can feel the night
Draws me closer to the beast that dwells inside my spine
Tells me tales I knew so well and tried to hide
We squandered all our sleeping on bad dreams
When I need you in my head and wrapped around me
Track Name: Galactic Derelict
The game was always worth the candle for a flame
To shed light on our myths of a golden age
We can get back to if we just find the 'it' you mean
When you say "Baby it's gonna rain."
We took for granted all the good things when we had it
There's a secret telling word to win you over
I've forgotten how to say
There is something I've been missing in the way
We laid our hearts all out and open 'til you
Up and took yours out the game.